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Merchandising Services

Merchandising, or how you sell your grain, can have the biggest impact on your farm's balance sheet out of all the other factors of production. Successful merchandising can create opportunities for profit, year after year. Duffy Grain can create a plan to help you successfully merchandise your grain, using a number of different services. If you are interested in setting up a contract or target offer, please contact us. We offer:

Futures contract- This is a contract to buy a specified quantity of grain based on market conditions at the time of contract creation. The delivery period is also defined on the contract. A futures contract could allow you to sell your fall corn crop in March when the prices are higher. Contracts can be created for delivery periods as long as two years in the future. There is no cost for this service.

Target Offer- A target offer is a order to create a contract, should the market reach your desired price. We watch the markets and sell your product automatically, so you don't have to. There is no cost for this service. If you would like to submit a target offer online, click here.

Minimum Price Contract- A minimum price contract allows you stay in the market after harvest to hold out for a better price. You are guaranteed a minimum price per bushel for your product, but can take advantage of price increases in the market that happen after harvest. You are paid at the minimum price for your grain at delivery, and any increases in price are realized when you notify us of your desire to act on the contract. There is a per bushel fee associated with this contract.

Delayed Price Contact- A delayed price contact also allows you to stay in the market after harvest to hold out for a better price. Unlike the minimum price contract, it does not have a floor on prices, which leaves you open to price risk. There is a per bushel fee associated with this contract.

Spot sale- Allows you sell your grain at the current cash bid price. 

Trucking Services

Duffy Bros, Inc. has a fleet of 20 tractors and 19 trailers ready to serve you. All of our trailers are hopper bottom trailers of various sizes. We have the ability to haul almost any type of agricultural product- from grain to fertilizer to feed. We offer on-farm pickup throughout the year. Hourly or spot rates are available should you need extra time to fill a trailer. Contact Ryan Duffy for more information on our trucking services.

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